1. Moses Adavize Reply

    I have been able to download one of your songs titled ”Ogereva”. I have listened to it and it’s very wonderful. The Almighty God will continue to guide, elevate you in wisdom and more knowledge for more music compositions. But i wasn’t able to download ”Ehureyi” and others and i guessed it’s not authorized. God bless you and speak through you to the entire Anebira, God bless your music and your music industry. Long live St. Jeff, and long live to the entire Ebiraland. More Greece to your elbow…

  2. S. S. Onimisi Reply

    Before visiting this site, I have been listening to your musics.The construction of the words, the logic, the sequential arraignment of the words and finally the message you always pass are marvelous. You are simply wonderful. I wishes you all the best.

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